blog :: Robot band offers the best Ace of Spades cover ever

blog-RobotBand-1The title basically explains it all…

In Germany (naturally), there exists a metal band consisting exclusively of robots. It’s called – wait for it – Compressorhead.

There’s Stickboy on drums; he has four arms, two legs, and was built in 2007. Fingers mans the guitar with 78 fingers; he was “born” in 2009. Bones joined the band on bass in 2012.

Unfortunately, the band didn’t reach their Kickstarter goal to build a singer and record an album, but they have an amazing bevy of covers on YouTube to keep things interesting.

Here’s their Ace of Spades cover. It’s all you’re expecting and more.

For more on Compressorhead (or to book them for a gig, which you can totally do), visit

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