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Be forewarned: this post is going to be extremely CMW ass-kissey. They should pay us for this kind of crap.

2270bafb-9ee0-4e79-a0ee-a4717d24cc77But they don’t. Either way, Canadian Music Week is one of my favourite weeks of the year (Indie Week in October is right up there, too). And this year, the festival is even more exciting with the addition of another award show, the Live Music Industry Awards.

This event touches on all the behind-the-scenes stuff that no one ever thinks about when they go to shows, but would most certainly notice if it weren’t there.

The nominees were announced yesterday, and you can find the full list right here. And learn more (including where to get tickets) here.

But those aren’t the only nominees announced recently. The Indies are also back for the 16th year (!!) and those nominees were also released.Get the full list of nominees here.

35510002-0717-448f-9c1b-fa54a1bbe3ceThe cool thing about this award gala is that you (and me!) can vote for the winners in every. single. category. I already did, and you can do that here.

And even still, that’s not all. There’s the Canadian Music and Broadcast Awards (which are exactly what they sound like), the Crystals (which celebrate creative in radio broadcasting), the Rosalie Award (which honours radio trailblazers), and the Canadian Radio Music Awards (which are also what they sound like.

Find out about all these awesome award shows – and the rest of the cool stuff happening during Canadian Music Week – here.


PS – we’ll be around for CMW. Stay tuned for what shows we’ll be attending, and keep checking back for our coverage of CMW 2016.

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