Bile Sisters, Worst Gift & Scroll Downers kill it at Double Double Land

Down an alleyway (don’t go too far or you’ll end up at the back door of Cold Tea) and up a flight of stairs reveals the surreal DIY space Double Double Land.

Last night, the event organized by Tad Michalak had the Scroll Downers headlining the evening, with Worst Gift and Bile Sisters warming up the audience.

fd75ba83-15f8-4110-ade5-247cbab7dec1Bile Sisters were at their strongest delivering an ‘80s reverb-drenched, minimalist electro with Julie Reich using a harmonizer to effect her vocals; a combo of “Silent Shout” era Karin Dreijer Andersson, and the songspeak insouciance of Peaches. Julie’s charismatic presence, as she “cooed” and “ahh’d” into the mic kept people looking up front at the stage rather than conversing to each other over their cans of Steigl.

Worst Gift were up next, pounding out some heavy post-rock/stoner riffs with a dual guitar attack. It was loud and heavy solid-state tone, with enough beef that you didn’t even notice they were sans a bassist. Each member of the trio contributed to vocal duties, with Tim Weinkauf delivering most of the lead. Elements of Akron/Family’s heavier side and the kind of quiet-loud dynamic of classic post-rock groups, kept people bobbing heads while they turned it up to 11.

The Scroll Downers brought the wild psych rock with the riveting performance of Lexie Mountain, who’s brazen physicality and deep alto added a shamanistic gravity to the psychedelic punk woven by ex-Dope Body members Zachary Utz (guitar) and David Jacober (drums). The kind of minimal work heard from bands like Psychic Paramount, but with the passionate vocals of Mountain capped off the evening with a blast of noise, leaving the bleeding ears audience a little better off than if they had stayed home to nurse their hangovers from the night before.

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