Big Knife Little Knife brings you back to the ’90s with Anchor Rights

Montreal based band, Big Knife Little Knife describe themselves on their Facebook page as “D.C. meets Ottawa meets Olympia in the ’90s.”


Credit: J. Martin

Anchor Rights dropped April 29th and the tracks are heavy, soulful. Listening to  “Poverty Projections” I can see why they place themselves in the ’90s. The guitar riffs, resembles the punk scene from 20 years ago,  being in high school putting in a Soundgarden tape for the first time. Their sound is moshy. The moshy sound resonates throughout the  album. The same throwback vision occurs on “Empty Chests” and  “A Certain Degree”.

My favourite track on Anchor Rights is “Christina McAuliffe”. Do you know her?  She was “an American teacher from Concord, New Hemisphere, and was one of the seven crew members killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.”, says Google.  The song that begins with a news soundbite from that unfortunate day of January 28th in ‘86, is merky. Features heavy violins. Almost at the 2:00 minute mark, it picks up and the vocals come in. The guitar, and voice, could be compared to a Space Shuttle going out of control.bklk

While the band described themselves as a mixture of D.C, Ottawa and Olympia in the ’90s, on
their site, they say that it’s all about “Drums, Guitars and yelling about library closures”. Now, that’s a great way to sum up Anchor Rights.

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