Beard Springsteen’s Broken English presents an oddly foreign sound

It seems like every indie act has a colourful way to describe themselves, Beard Springsteen’s being a “two piece downer punk band singing in Broken English”. The band kick-started its indie career with Broken English (2015) last August and continues strong in 2016. This debut EP deals with different topics like political science and depression.

BeardSpringsteen“Broken English” is an accurate name for the album, considering the tongue-in-cheek nature of the vocals. It shows its teeth with “Frostbite” right at the start of the EP, and the odd voice here really relates it to the punk scene if the fast-paced rocking didn’t already.

It maintains this fast-pace throughout the rest of the EP (both in English and French) until it lands on “Never Gonna Be The Same”, which has a life of its own, but it’s tame when compared to the other riveting tracks. The last song is where the oddity of the vocals is so striking, but it isn’t bad. “Different” doesn’t have to mean “bad”.

Get caught up in something a little different with Broken Springsteen’s Broken English (2015) by checking our their Bandcamp page. For faster updates, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @beardspringst.


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