April 17, 1960

On this day in 1960, Eddie Cochran, famous singer of “Summertime Blues” died while in England when the taxi he was riding in crashed.

According to his fiancé, songwriter Sharon Sheeley (writer of “Poor Little Fool”, a Ricky Nelson No.1 hit), Cochran insisted that she come immediately from America to join him in England. She claims he wasn’t doing well emotionally after he had a nightmare about dying that kept him upset for days. They had not planned to take a car the day Cochran died, they had actually planned to take a train to Heathrow Airport and had already purchased tickets when the headlining act at the time, Gene Vincent complained that he would rather take a car due to his legs hurting and he wanted to make the trip in a speedier fashion. Sheeley said that on the ride, Vincent was asleep while Cochran had his arm around her. The driver was speeding and Cochran was continually telling him slow down. Sheeley suffered from amnesia and does not remember what took place during the crash.

Witnesses at the scene saw the car hit a pole and everything that was inside the vehicle came flying out. Sheets of music notes were floating through the air while Vincent lay moaning on the road beside Sheeley who was hysterically yelling out “Where is Eddie, where is Eddie?” Cochran was lying on the grass barely alive, he died in the hospital hours later.

Cochran was just 21 years old.


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