AA Wallace plays with genres over his latest indie electro-pop album

You might already be a fan of AA Wallce – well, sort of. The Halifax native is well-known for his part in the indie-pop band Sleepless Nights. He returns now with the latest from his solo effort, In Alpha Zones, due for release on March 11.

The album is a real electro-pop gem. It opens with a kinda creepy industrial intro before whirring into “Perdeverance”, a dancey, reverbey song.

AAWallace“Secret Name” follows, bringing with it a symphonic height and Wallace’s throaty echoey vocals, while “VLT Girls (We Win Again)” is electro-pop at its finset.

“SUCCESS” is the sleazy-sounding single. With it’s ’80s era tone and message of excess, it’s the track that will really make you a fan.

Wallace slows it down with the instrumental “After These”, then draws from Bowie for “Nothing”. The album wraps up with “We Just Stopped”, which blends an almost pop-punk sound with Wallace’s electro vibes.

Even if you’re not a particular fan of the genre, In Alpha Zones will absolutely make you a fan of AA Wallace.

Read more about him at www.aawallace.xxx.

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