You’ll love every twisted second of Hot Panda’s ‘Other Spooky Is’

HotPanda-OtherSpookyIsThe adorably named Vancouver-based band, Hot Panda, gets fans excited with a sample of their latest album that’s soon to come out. Chris Connelly, Catherine Hiltz, and Aaron Klassen are cooking the next entry in their repertoire which already includes Volcano… Bloody Volcano (2009), How Come I’m Dead? (2010), and Go Outside (2012). Their debut EP came out in 2007 called Whale Headed Girl.

It’s too standard to sound experimental, but it’s too weird to be a carbon-copy of everything else. ‘Other Spooky Is’ is hard to categorize, but I can definitely see Hot Panda as the odd kind of band that uses morbid looking puppets as stars to their videos.

HotPandaThe unease comes from the music, not just the vocals – like no one in the band can actually get comfortable with themselves. Of course, that’s not the case: weird is what Hot Panda does best. This six-minute track represents different phases of what amounts to a twisted-arm punk song – pained vocals and serrated guitar riffs included. But I love every sick second of it.

Can’t wait for the latest album? We can’t either! Be the first to know when it comes out by checking in to the official Hot Panda website and listen to what they already have out on their Soundcloud page. For quicker updates, check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @HotPanda.

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