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I’ll admit I wasn’t familiar with London-based band, Dead Wolf Club until I heard their new single ‘You’re A Hit on the Internet’ earlier today, and after giving them a listen, all I can say is Wow. I’m a massive fan of the post-punk genre, and although this group seems to be compared to grunge bands of the ’90s more often than not, my initial reaction after listening to ‘You’re A Hit on the Internet’ some sort of Joy Division reincarnation.


Dead Wolf Club’s vocalist may not have Ian Curtis’ baritone, but he falls into step with the backing instruments when it comes to volume. He allows the guitars and drums to have just as much prominence in the song as his voice. Although the vocalist may not sing “traditionally” on this track, see his erratic style and limited vocal range, but his frenetic quality matches the overall musical chaos of the track. The energy in this song is so high that it seems to bounce all over the inside of my speakers, restless and ready at any second to explode into a cloud of youthful angst and anger.

While I definitely enjoy this track, I have one complaint, which is probably just a matter of personal opinion. I love the vocal style presented throughout the song, but one serious problem for me was that I’m unable to clearly hear the majority of the lyrics, meaning that my interpretation of the song may be completely off-base from what the band was trying to put forward. I’m not sure if the singer was so focused on his unconventional vocals that he forgot to enunciate, or if the lyrics were left purposely unintelligible. However, I can also see that by pushing lyrical clarity to the wayside, Dead Wolf Club was better able to concentrate on creating as raw and energetic a track as possible.

DeadWolfClub-HealerDon’t let my lyrics complaint dissuade you though. I highly recommend giving ‘You’re A Hit on the Internet’ a listen. If you like post-punk groups, especially Joy Division or even Arctic Monkeys or The Strokes, you’ll definitely enjoy this track from Dead Wolf Club.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to every other track this band has released. If you want to do the same, check out their 2013 EP Healer.

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