Winchester Revival draws on different musical textures

Winchester Revival has come out with a solid follow up to 2014’s Eyes in the Canopy, in the form of a six-song EP, Burden’s Landing. A self-described super-group, hailing from Oakland, Calif., Winchester Revival has taken a musical history that amounted to very little and created.

WinchesterRevival-1Drawing on a large variety of influences and musical textures, the EP does tend to bounce around a bit. Tracks, such as the opener ‘Last Night in Tokyo’, are chugging guitar, riff-based pop songs; contrasting that will be the more shoegaze, two-beat and a drum kick tethered track ‘Salamander’. The one aspect I cannot figure out at all, is why they have decided to place a mellow instrumental track in the middle of the EP. This acts as an almost intermission and an intro for ‘Salamander’ as they share the same rhythm. But with the hard hitting and poppy outro of ‘Ice Water’ following this set, it just seems out of place.

The talent displayed throughout the album is impressive. The vocals convey emotion and a hint of raspiness, while never being over bearing or sounding above the mix. The guitar work really ties the entire EP together, and creates a feeling of cohesiveness between the conflicting ideas. One of the ideas that seems to be attempted, is that of allowing the keyboard to be front and centre. The track that epitomizes this is the truly odd ‘Diligence’; here they are attempting to replace the chugging guitar with a poppy synth wallow. On its own the idea works, but it is the ever so slight rapping that takes this song in an awkward direction. Compared to the rest of the EP, this is where the band seems most lost or truly in an experimental stage.

WinchesterRevival-2As you can tell, Winchester Revival is a band with a lot of promise; they are still searching for their particular style and at this stage that is to be expected. With the release of this EP, the band has a total of 10 tracks’ worth of material. Allow the band some time to find their sound, get comfortable playing together and be able to create a tighter sound. There is no reason to not expect great things from them.

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