Vinyette previews their album with ‘Just to Get Away’

The eclectic kids of New York rock n’roll take to a nitty-gritty style with their debut album Every Little Mouse Run. Vinyette is composed of vocalist Nathan Frye, Danny Monico on guitar, Marc Ligenza hitting the bass, and Jonathan Crowley balancing the drums and synths. Their recent video adaptations of their music enthrals fans, including the retro-fitted ‘Just To Get Away’.

VinyetteI like when bands twist images in pop culture (in this case, just about everything ranging from classic Flinstones cartoons to fast-food commercials) to another context; it’s an interesting collage of media. It may not be the most creative way to execute a video, but it’s marketable. The only annoying part is the obligation to match every line with a specific scene, like the meaning will be lost somehow without it. For example, when he sings about working overtime, we see a little cartoon businessman and a steam whistle.

The song is really good, however. It lingers long after I’ve listened to it. It’s pretty smooth compared to what I was expecting judging by the image that the band put out there.

Need to get away from repetitive mainstream? Take a look at Vinyette’s official website and their BandCamp page. Also, be sure to look them up on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @vinyette.

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