Them County Bastardz kick the door down with ‘Drive By’

Sick Daze is the debut album to rip-roaring metal band Them County Bastardz, blasting out of the starting gate with ‘Drive By’. The band, made up of vocalist Andrew Waston, guitarists Brien Alexander and Mike Rennie, with bassist Tyler Wickham, and drummer Jim Kay – tore from Leamington, Ont., with music they described as heavy metal and southern rock n’ roll. It makes more sense to hear that they’re inspired by Pantera, Alice in Chains, and Black Label Society.

ThemCountyBastardz-2‘Drive By’ is a song about breaking the law and generally not giving a shit about it – something a lot of generic heavy metal bands share. Some people just need to kick it to a testosterone-fueled band with heavy notes and grating vocals. Some people find it a little much, but can see the charm behind the kick-ass-and-take-names approach to things.

‘Drive By’ has everything from the unrelenting guitar and hammering drums, but with the 911 call and sirens – it’s a bit much. Despite it being over the top, it’s got its shine for the die-hard metal fan.

You can hear their debut, Sick Daze, on their BandCamp page. For updates on their music, check out their website.

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