The Unravelling get it together

Hard-rocking heavy-metalist duo Steve Moore and Gustavo De Beauville have received acclaimed reviews for their debut album 13 Arcane Hymns, released in 2010. But, when lead vocalist Moore was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, it created a standstill on the band and its progression. De Beauville – the project’s founder and instrumentalist – had refrained and discontinued in respect to the band, and worked on solo material that was featured in Guitar World.

TheUnravelling-1Now, Moore’s recovery has the duo back on track with even more focus and dedication than ever before! Directly from Calgary, the duo brought their audience the latest and most striking song titled ‘Revolt’ – which, by its deep, meaningfully lyrics and fierce rhythms, fittingly demonstrated the renewed and more potent devotion to music.

The song reflects on both De Beauville and Moore’s major life challenges, inner well-being and realizations of “rejecting the false and a need for inner change,” as the duo stated.

The band’s up-coming album release is scheduled for April 25.

With the comeback of The Unravelling and their thunderous music masterpieces, hard rock and heavy metal fans can enjoy and listen to their songs on YouTube and on BandCamp.

Be sure to visit the band on Facebook for more information!

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