The perfect chemistry with Milk & Bone’s ‘Pressure’

Following Grimes, TOPS, and AKUA comes another great electro-music project, Montreal-based Milk & Bone.

Started by two former school friends who originally gathered to sing on electronic-pop band Misteur Valaire’s most recent album Bellevue Avenue, Milk & Bone’s synth-pop sound is uniquely their own, though it does sound friendly to fans of Purity Ring, FKA Twigs, and Blood Orange.

The soothing, poppy, feminine and celestial atmosphere of their music fits into the stereotypical indie-electro genre, yet at the same time, they keep enough distance from electro-indie-pop to be outstanding.

MilkBone-1When the vocals of Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne combine, the result is a silky, jazzy tone, and it creates the perfect harmony. It’s as if they only have one singer in the band (who perhaps has Corrine Bailey Rae’s influence), though I can almost feel and hear the chemistry of the two artists through speakers.

Their live show, too, has a good reputation, and they’ve been active on stage lately, playing at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel in May and at SXSW 2015.

‘Pressure’, the lead single track from their album Little Mourning, is a pleasure to listen to. They craft music as if they are processing their feelings and then convert to make their tunes. ‘Pressure’ has a sensual atmosphere, while emotions, feelings, security, and high tension in a relaxed mood surges quietly within the beat, dancing like waves in a lake. An R & B-influenced bass sounds like a heart beat and the tempo matches with your deep breath. The firm foundation of their track leaves you feeling secure and keeps you replaying this track again and again, without any a bit of boredom.

For more on Milk & Bone, visit their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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