The Parachute Club :: ‘Rise Up – World Pride 2014’

This release is something that The Parachute Club refers to as an “EDM/Pop/Retro Dance Remix”. I’m not a fan of any of these things, but even someone who is probably won’t have much to say about this song. Released June 22, it comes straight from the original band.

I never liked the original song, but I’m even less a fan of what they did with it. The synthetic blending sounds amateurish (like someone who discovered Apple’s Garage Band for the first time decided that they could make a song better by adding generic dance beats) and what they did with it is not only redundant, but it sounds worse.

TheParachuteClub-RiseUpRemixI realize that the song was big in jazzcercise classes in the ’80s, but they should either try new material or continue what they’re already performing – reissuing an old song is just routine. What it boils down to is tacking onto something that was a hit of theirs years ago.

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