The Golden Dogs returns after five years with 3 ½

It’s been a while since husband-wife duo Dave Azzolini and Jessica Grassia flexed their creative muscles far enough to pump out another album, their last being Coat of Arms (2010). Now, their return to the music scene arms them with Stefanie McCarroll on keys and guitar, and Alejandro Cairncross on bass.

GoldenDogs3 ½ comes as an explosive new album, making its rounds on the Internet and catching the attention of CBC music feeds. The Golden Dogs are a great representation of what Torontonian music sounds like and what its nightlife feels like.

I was introduced to this experimental pop band through their fast-paced single, ‘Do It For You’, and it left an impression with just how fun it is. The album starts off significantly more low-key with ‘Decided’ coming out of the starting gate, but holds an underlying promise to rock your world.

I can’t really compare it to anything I’ve heard, giving it that streak of unique. That this album is experimental in nature really broadens the horizons to what this band can be, so it’s good that The Golden Dogs are ironing out their kinks right now.

It might be because it was the first song I’ve heard, but ‘Do It For You’ is the definite winner in my books. Still, there really isn’t a dull moment with this album, seeing as it gears right back up after this hit, never losing its happy-go-lucky stride. You can tell they’re trying out different things to get a feel for what works, perfectly outlined in ‘Feel Like a Bridge’ and the way that a lot of other tracks here skitter about before settling on a beat (this is an example of things working, by the way).

GoldenDogs-31:23 ½ takes the same pace that most albums go with, starting off rampant, having a bit of a smoother middle, and finishing it off with something just as ecstatic. The fact that there are no words to ‘MK Ultra (Yamahama)’ make it stand out from other tracks on the album, using the drilling rhythm to give it a voice. It’s a perfect ending also, not trying to overwhelm the listener with any abrupt end, but not feeling overly drawn-out.

Check out this release and others through their website.

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