The Golden Dogs get it done with ‘Do It For You’

The Golden Dogs have a string of influences – from The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs to The Kinks – and those tastes  are reflected in their new album , released in February. They also have two other short works to their name: Coat of Arms (2010) and Big Eye Little Eye (2006).

The Toronto-based band is made up of Dave Azzolini, backed by wife Jessica Grassia (drums, vocals) and have been a force to be reckoned with since their collaboration. Another cool thing about them is that they also produce and engineer their own material. Alejandro Cairncross, meanwhile, works bass with Stefanie McCarrol taking to the guitar and keyboard.

GoldenDogs‘Do It For You’ certainly kicks open the door to the rest of the album. Even though it’s just the second song on the release, it leaves a catchy impression on the listener. I love when music takes an odd initiative to set itself apart from other tracks, and the way that this song stumbles at the beginning before bursting to life and taking on a synthetic/rock mix beat is definitely an interesting change in a world of carbon-copy hits.

Even the most sour of us music saps would be bobbing his or her head to this tune; it just instills that kind of a happy go-lucky persona. It’s a great intro to the rest of the album since it’s the band’s most marketed song. Though their album releases are few and far between, I look forward to what else they release in the future.

For more on their music, check out their website and their BandCamp page.

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