The Elwins lift off with ‘So Down Low’


Back from their 2012 release And I Thank You, The Elwins are back with their new release Play For Keeps, released on February 24. The video for their first single on the album, ‘So Down Low’, marks a celebration for the new addition to the career of young artists Matthew Sweeney (singer and guitarist), Travis Stokl (drummer), Feurd (guitarist and keyboardist), and Frankie Figliomen.

TheElwinsThe lyric video is interesting with its typographic and imagery blend. It takes the typographic video to another level. These type of videos can either be hit or miss because it can be difficult to engage the audience using text and adding other video or imagery risks compromising the consistency of the video.

But this video is a hit since the font so perfectly matches the background colours and the symbols and images, seemingly arbitrary, become interesting with the stellar 3D model animations. The eye jumps between the dynamic lyrics dancing across the screen in the forefront and the more liquid images swaying in motion in the background. Put a catchy song on top of all this and you’ve got a good bit.

The Elwins will be touring Western Europe this month. If you want to check out the rest of their album, I highly recommend that you check out their chic webpage.

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