Terrorista changes the game of post-punk with colour tape compilation

Just when I thought that every new and creative thing the indie scene had to offer was just about exhausted, Terrorista comes out with a compilation of four colourful cassette tapes. Despite releasing their music on a format thought to be dead, this Toronto-based band has amassed a loyal crowd and flaunts a unique flair to their punk rock. The Colour Tape Compilation officially came out at the beginning of this month after the separate releases from their cassettes: Pink, Purple, Green, and Blue.

TerroristaThe music is fast-moving, never stopping to take a breath as it rushes its way through. The vocals take on a more aloof tune, though they show their edge when the chorus comes by. Terrorista is not a typical punk band, which is refreshing since there are so many carbon-copy punk bands rehashing the same clichéd discs over and over again. These guys are pretty different without straying too far from the mould to the point of being unrecognizable.

Sam and Rich, the guys behind the Terrorista title, should be commended for not only bringing out a creative way to market the post-punk scene, but for taking on a more contemplative approach to it. If I had to describe them in conjunction with another band, I’d say that they were pretty much like Rise Against but significantly more toned down and a lot less political. I think the song “Dirty Smile” is the best way to convey their music, making it my favourite track on this interesting album.

Check out what could be a new trend in the punk community by supporting their music on their BandCamp page. Let them beckon you with their Facebook page and Twitter feed @TerroristaMusic.

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