Tara Priya’s latest single is sexually solemn

American singer-songwriter Tara Priya is hailed as an emerging icon in the indie pop community, with albums like her Tara Priya – EP (2011), Goodbye, Romeo (2012), Tara Priya (2012), and Shot in the Dark (2014). With album experience and international attention (including acclaim from the U.K., India, and Japan) under her belt, she’s reaching out to mainstream crowds.

TaraPriyaIt flaunts a subtle pop, but there’s something haunting about this production also. ‘Not At All’ is also refreshingly poetic, swaying with lines like “I’m a self-made martyr” and others that prompt you to think on them. The overtures are largely traditional but there are underlying synths that add another layer to this song. It’s sexually solemn and rain-like, and perfect for fans of Florence & The Machine looking for a little more oomph.

Listen to the rest of Tara Priya’s music, and check out her BandCamp page and her website. For more information on the pop star’s career, check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @TaraPriya.

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