Take a trip with Clara Venice’s Electric Dream

ClaraVenice-ElectricDreamThe girl from outer space – the adorable, theremin player Clara Venice – just dropped her second EP entitled Electric Dream on October 15. Venice used 72 instruments to create the four-track EP, which is the audio equivalent of a whimsical candy-land dream.

Electric Dream is like an acid trip for your ears. The first track ‘Shooting Star’ is mesmerizing and, although it’s very calculated and electronic, almost sounds natural and lullaby-like.  The vocals are very ambient and relaxing, which is an odd contrast to the metronome-like backbeat. But the song is maybe the most worth-getting-stuck-in-your-head song on the EP.

Most of Electric Dream keeps a sort of ambient and atmospheric mood to it, though the third  song, called ‘Ordinary Day’, changes things up a bit, with a more excited and upbeat track. ‘Ordinary Day’ has an innocent undertone to its style and lyrics. Lyrics like “it gets so crowded we could touch/ I saw him blush/ and I wonder if he’ll ask me for a date” have a child-like excitement and eagerness to them.

ClaraVeniceThe new set-up for a Clara Venice show, includes four hologram personas of herself to play the rest of the instruments (a five-woman group, made up of five Clara Venices) – as if one wasn’t cool enough. You can also look out for planetary projections, rainbow dream clouds that change colour based on the other arrangements and theremin-controlled lighting—a lovely tribute to the instrument Venice plays so beautifully.

Electric Dream is more than an EP, it’s a almost a sound installation, something you could play in a gallery—plus the visual effects Venice has created for her live shows, Electric Dream is a trip for both the ears and the eyes.

Find more Clara Venice at claravenice.com

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