Spirit Club’s music comes to life with ‘Still Life’ video


Spirit Club, formed last year, is the side project of Wavves frontman Nathan Williams, his brother Joel, and Andrew Caddick (aka Jeans Wilder). Wavves, an indie-rock and garage-punk band based in California, have been active since 2009 and gained popularity among the indie community.

This February, the Spirit Club boys released a video for their single ‘Still Life’, giving life to their music and keeping us wanting more.

SpiritClub-StillLifeIf you look at any Jeans Wilder album covers or see any art he’s come up with in his career, you’ll know that this video has him written all over it. From quick flashes of street signs, fabric textures and miscellaneous objects, and pop culture, to the rubber skull mask-donning figure appearing throughout the video, this video makes for a very busy cinematographer and keeps the audience looking at something at every given moment.

I really like the bizarre, near acid trip-like qualities to this video, though I’m not really sure what it all means. I could also do without the extreme close-up of a mouth oozing orange goop out of it.

To check out the rest of their Spirit Club album, released this May, check out their BandCamp page. Get to-the-minute updates on this project by following them on Twitter.

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