SonReal’s simple adventure

It’s been a few long years since SonReal’s stunning One Long Day was released, and fans have been rabidly waiting for something new from the West Coast rapper.

Now, we have it. And an accompanying music video, to boot.

SonReal’s music videos are typically simplistic spectacles, and the latest for his new single ‘Preach’ is no different.

The song is an anthemic club track in every best way. The beat is catchy, the lyrics are exciting and empowering, and the call-backs are littered in all the right places. The B.C.-native spits out quick lines just as fast as he always has, and pairs those moments so well with his unique almost shoe-gazey cadence.

SonReal-PreachThe video, meanwhile, features the artist standing in the middle of a variety of wide landscapes. The screen is marred by Fresh Prince-esque scribbles at each call-back – Preach! He looks bored, which is a stark contrast to the music. Usually that kind opposition would fail, but in this case it works incredibly well.

It’s unclear as to whether this track will be on SonReal’s soon-to-be-released EP, For the Town, which is slated to drop sometime next month.

For more on SonReal, visit his Facebook or website.

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