SonReal returns For The Town

SonReal-ForTheTownSonReal is back with his latest effort since 2014’s One Long Day. This time, the record is actually a six-song-long EP and it’s not available for free download – likely a result of the B.C.-native’s newfound success. But we’re not faulting him for it.

Especially considering the For The Town EP brings more of the deep heart-felt lyrics and unique production that we’ve come to love, and even expect, from the rapper. The album is also unique in that it references many of the points SonReal made on One Long Day, including a Part II to ‘Shit’s Epic’.

For me, stand-out tracks include the titular ‘For The Town’, a bass-heavy meets pithy piano-type hype-song that will fill you hometown pride, no matter where you’re from; the soft, social-conscious and introspective ‘Try’ that spotlights SonReal’s singing voice; and the opening track ‘Home’, which features a dark aesthetic and deep lyrics.

SonRealThe album single ‘Preach‘, though, is my absolute favourite. It’s upbeat and fun – and the video is nothing short of amazing (watch it below).

But the truth is the more I listen to For The Town, the more my list of favourites changes – ‘Whoa Nilly’ is an empowering true-to-self track, and ‘Shit’s Epic Part II’ is a hard-hitting, get-in-your-bones type of song.

Your best bet is to just do yourself a favour and buy the album yourself – it’s worth WAAAAY more than the $5.94 it’s going for on iTunes.

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And watch ‘Preach’ here:

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