Skyline Advantage shoots for the moon in The Songs About Stuff EP

Small Bear Records introduces a new up-and-comer, Skyline Advantage with The Songs About Stuff EP. The band is a solo project by Kieran Ball (if the name sounds familiar, that’s because he’s the guitarist for Postcode). He released it last month and now it’s making its rounds as the alternative pop music from the Isle of Man.

According to the press release, this EP presents a “collection of songs written over the past two years, which were either intended for other projects that never saw fruition or that were too personal…” Ball experiments with alternative tunes and effects (including the “ray gun” effect). For now, he runs solo, but he’s considering adding a few others.

SkylineAdvantage-SongsAboutStuffThe cadence of the rhythm and the vocals give the impression of a ’90s band, but the guitar riff and drumming make it somewhat more contemporary, especially with ‘Perfect’. It’s great as a high school band, kind of like a fast-paced Death Cab for Cutie, though the themes of the songs are much more basic. It’s also like Sum 41 in a sort of way. This EP is a fun romp all the way through, though it’s not as nuanced as I would have liked it to be.

‘Fantom’ is my favourite song for its interesting open and its general creativity. For Skyline Advantage to develop its own brand, it should put out more songs that sound like this one, but with variation throughout its tracks to keep it from sounding like one extended song. This artist has got song variation down; it’s great the way he maintains his style.

This EP was carefully constructed to be a good early repertoire for the artist, and if this is the early showcase, then I can’t wait to see a full album release.

Check out Skyline Advantage’s The Songs About Stuff EP for yourself on their BandCamp page.

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