Sinoia Caves :: ‘Forever Dilating Eye’

Last September, Sinoia Caves released this enigma of a song through the original soundtrack for the sci-fi cult film, Beyond the Black Rainbow. Caves is a project orchestrated by Jeremy Schmidt (member of the psych-rock band Black Mountain), and the album’s songs are produced by LP/Digital from Jaqjaquwar and Death Waltz Records.

The first thing that hits me with this finely-synthesized song – called ‘Forever Dilating Eye’ is its techno beat with an ancient Asiatic foreground. It’s meditative in its elongated tune that adds layer after layer to itself, bringing you deeper and deeper into what it really is. Though it seems calming (at least the initial rhythm suggests that it is), there is something oddly dramatic about it. The name of the song is interesting, and if you think about it long enough, it makes sense.

btbr.lpjacketOUTstoughtonPsychedelic synthesized music like this isn’t anything new, but I don’t think it’s been explored enough nor does it get the credit it deserves. Schmidt created an intense feeling without the use of vocals, which is very impressive. Anyone who shares a liking with something like the Suspiria soundtrack should definitely check out his stuff.

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