Secret Broadcast talks Filthy Souls, GoPros and more

Secret Broadcast is one of those bands that, when you hear them for the first time, you need to hear them again and again and again. And so, we decided we needed to talk to these guys.

The quarter is insanely busy preparing for their upcoming tour with Doe Mannequin so Olivia D’Orazio sent some questions into the Internets and Matt Lightstone answered those questions on behalf of the band.


SecretBroadcast-1Raz Mataz Magazine (RMM): You guys are originally from Calgary; what prompted the move to Toronto and how has that impacted your sound?

Matt Lightstone (ML): The band was formed in Calgary, but I’m actually originally from Toronto. Calgary is really supportive of local music and we had an amazing time while we were there. We won X92.9’s Xposure contest and played some big festivals, but on a personal level I knew I wanted to be back in Toronto. It’s also a lot easier to tour in Ontario.

When I moved to Toronto I met our drummer, Keith Heppler. We each have diverse tastes in music but rock holds a special place in both of our hearts. As soon as we started playing together, the songs naturally sounded a little more rock and roll.


RMM: It took about two years to release your full length, Filthy Souls, after the Hungry Ghost EP. What were you up to during those years?

ML: We actually didn’t take any time off.  We spent a good amount of time touring in support of the Hungry Ghost EP, and then spent about six months writing the Filthy Souls material. Once we had about 17 songs written, we narrowed it down to 12 and jumped into the studio. We tracked the whole album in  two weeks, but it took a few more months before it was released.


RMM: How was the writing and recording process for Filthy Souls different from that for your EP?

ML: The writing process was fairly similar to Hungry Ghost, but the recording process was a bit of a different animal. We recorded most of the basic tracks live off the floor as we really wanted to capture a raw energy on the album.


RMM: How was working with Adam Kasper and recording at Robert Lang Studios?

SecretBroadcast-2ML: It was a thrill to work with Adam. He’s one of the best rock producers around and he’s worked with some of our favourite bands including Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age.   Living and recording at Robert Lang Studios was also a huge treat. It’s a piece of Seattle music history and it was surreal to record there with Adam.


RMM: Your sound is unmistakably pure rock and roll. What inspirations do you pull into your music? How do you think the rock genre is faring in today’s musical landscape? 

ML: We’re influenced by a lot of different genres, but somehow we always end up sounding like rock. While rock music isn’t the flavour of the week, it’s never going away.


RMM: You’ve also been playing  a lot of shows; why is that important for you guys?

ML: It’s fun to play.


RMM: How did the idea for the ‘Killing Time’ video come about?

ML: We wanted to put together a video with no budget, so we came up with a pretty simple concept. We were going to play a song live in a moving van. We didn’t expect to get pulled over by the cops, but it certainly helped the video get some attention.


RMM: How did your partnership with GoPro come about?

ML: Someone contacted us from GoPro shortly after we posted the video. They ended up doing their own edit and posting it on their official YouTube channel.


RMM: How has that exposure been for the band?

ML: We’ve made some new fans so we can’t complain.


RMM: What’s next for Secret Broadcast?

ML: We’re heading back on the road later this month with Die Mannequin for a short tour and then we will jump into writing/recording mode.


For more on Secret Broadcast, including a full list of their tour stops, visit

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