Return for Refund blazes the Toronto scene

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Return For Refund is the intense Toronto-based trio going strong on the independent music scene, describing themselves as a band that “blends elements of rock, punk, metal, funk, and blues in harmony.” This band certainly delivers on that. It’s made up of Drew Clementino (lending lead vocals and mastering the rhythm and guitar), Sasha Molotkow (guitar guru and metal-typed sound technician and backing vocals), Karlis Hawkins (bat-out-of-hell drummer and backing vocals). The lyrics are forged by wordsmith Clementino, and each phrase hits as hard as iron.

According to their website, this debut self-titled EP was inspired by Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Soundgarden. So far, it’s being well-received on campus stations around Canada. People are liking what they’re hearing so we hope they continue on their way.

‘The Fields’ starts off the album with a full-throttle, balls-to-the-wall beginning that very rarely lets up throughout the song. Metallica fans looking for something else to lend an ear to, this band may be your solace in a hip-hop heavy world.

The vocals have a southern grit to them which works with the raw, unfiltered nature of that relentlessly shredded guitar. And how can you not fall in love with a band that verbally kicks the crap out of the type of person who says the dreaded “yolo”?


The words are not hollowed-out, meaningless drivel – each phrase actually lends a significant amount to the song’s construct. The band’s strength carries on through ‘TV Light’, ‘Between the Sheets’, speeding up with ‘Yolo’, and ending on that same ecstatic energy with ‘Some Is Better Than None’ and ‘Those Bombs’. They’re really worth the try, mate.

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