Prince of Toronto reigns with their Vol. 1 debut 

Released this January, Prince of Toronto Vol. 1 is the debut album of the namesake band, made up from the talents of Jackson Fishauf who brings vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and drums, and Giullio Rocco, who provides vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums. The duo describes their music as “experimental alternative country folk”, with a nice dash of rock laid over.

PrinceOfTorontoThe country sort of shows through the rock riffs, particularly with the vocals – though they’ve been somewhat modified to fit the rest of the sort of strained theme that the band has going on here. The album certainly has some interesting mixes though, and the band varies with how they choose to conduct these experiments. It doesn’t feel like one long constant song, saving the Prince of Toronto from being a one-trick pony that many other bands tend to be.

The one constant I’ve noticed is the panned guitar that seems to be the staple of the duo’s style. The eerie vocals also lend to the uniqueness of the band, though there are a few other bands that have tried this sound out before. It reminds me of a few of the slower tracks from Hollerado, but the comparison stops there.

PrinceOfToronto-Vol1Prince of Toronto Vol. 1 has a raw sound, like we’re listening to the practice sessions in a lot of these tracks. ‘Captain J.’ won my heart as the best track of the album: the laid-back style and the demanding presence (at least compared to the slower tracks), and the fact that it’s about a wayward captain. It’s short and sweet.

The rest of the album sort of pitters out uneventfully, unfortunately making the album somewhat forgettable. Still, there are a few tracks that definitely make this debut worthwhile.

Check out the Prince’s BandCamp profile for more information.

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