Postcode’s ‘This Day Will Come’ video is more than a garage band performance

‘This Day Will Come’ is the visual companion to Mikie Daugherty and Marie Reynold’s brainchild, Year of the Zebra – Part II. Released by Small Bear Record, the EP delves into darker territory, as does this video, as filmed by the screen-eccentric Venison Lamprey.

It’s almost another garage band performance kind of video that we see from other bands, but the editing just manages to save it from being that. I’m digging the faint grain filters where the song picks up – that’s where it gets its grit from. It also keeps it from being too artsy fartsy (a territory easy to slip into, making the audience roll their eyes when it does) – it never reaches that point. Kudos to Postcode for that.The split screen is my favourite idea with this video. Mixed with high contrast black and white, it’s got an ’80s graphic novel feel to it. Can’t wait to see more, mates!

Check out the video above and listen to the rest of their EP here.

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