Postcode’s ‘Take Me As I Am’ video stems from growing EP

With the release of their budding new EP Year of the Zebra – Part II, Postcode blooms with the release of the ‘Take Me As I Am’ music video. Guitarist Mikie Daugherty and vocalist Marie Reynolds star in a laid-back production orchestrated by Venison Lamprey, who also directed their other video, ‘This Day Will Come’.

The washed out filter is interesting and suits the attitude of the song. Usually I would dismiss these hazy washes as being somewhat routine in terms of modern music videos, but I couldn’t imagine another look to this song.

Splitting the screen to see the lives being led by the two band members ensures that the viewer will always have something to look at. There’s an appropriate balance of action: not too busy to exceed the pace of the music, but not too slow that it fails to be interesting.

The use of atmosphere is admirable, especially with the trip that Marie Reynolds goes on at the right of the screen. The left side, inhabited by Mikie, shows a more behind-the-scenes look which is pretty cool. Not quite as cool as those bitchin’ guitar designs – I’ve always liked their style.

Check out the video above and listen to the rest of their EP here.

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