Ponctuation put their best feet forward with “Météo” Video

Quebec brothers Guillaume and Maxime Chiasson (also known as Ponctuation) first strutted their stuff back in 2013 with the release of their debut album 27 Club. Since then, they’ve made their presence known on the French rock scene, bringing a sort of 60’s wave vibe. Their new album, La Réalité Nous Suffit, came out this April with new sounds and sights. “Météo” is one of the more popular tracks, complete with a nifty video behind it.

PonctuationIt’s a very strange video done in a graphic style with the cropped artists (the singer sporting an Eraserhead-like haircut) on a fast-moving slideshow background. The song is pretty catchy and embodies the Quebec indie style very well. They’re not a carbon-copy band, however, and they bring a new light to the scene. The video is pretty neat to look at, but can get a little boring after a while from the lack of variation in the shots.

Don’t get me wrong, the video does break away from the shot I’ve described, but only briefly. I like that music videos like these challenge the standard for visual representations of songs. Instead of going for the live performance video or the single-studio shot, this video experiments with different cinematic techniques. It doesn’t exactly tell a story but it doesn’t really need to.

Check out their music on their BandCamp page. While you’re interested in Ponctuation, you should check out their Facebook page.

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