Pierre Kwenders lays out afrofuturism with ‘Sorry’ video


“Afrofuturism” isn’t a genre you hear about very often, which is a shame, because it turns out that it’s a really cool cultural movement (seriously, look it up). While it’s not new, it’s underrepresented, so it’s a great thing that the indie music community has artists like Montreal-based Pierre Kwenders.

So far, he’s cut his teeth doing live performances but has put out an album last year called Le Dernier Empereur Bantou (The Last Emperor Bantou), complete with hits like “Mardi Gras”, “Irene”, and “Sorry”. Kwenders further presents his work to the world with video releases of his songs: among them, the video for “Sorry”.

PierreKwendersJuxtaposing stock footage from an ‘80s rock-gospel kind of performance from a French band with modern synths and studio film of Kwenders himself, this highly mixed project makes for a psychedelic experience. In true afrofuturist style, it mixes black musical tradition with a futuristic almost Theremin-like sound.

The song, although highly consistent in style and making for a great development as it works its way through the mix, is unique in that it’s a good stand-alone song but the video gives it a much more interesting context. It’s trippy, but that only entices the audience further.

Pierre Kwenders has a great idea that needs support. Check him out on his website and be sure to give his tracks a listen on his Soundcloud page. Keep up with his shows through his Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @pierrekwenders.


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