Paper Beat Scissors rocks a swaying tune with “Go On”

Paper Beat Scissors describe themselves as a “musical monstrosity”, but the Halifax-based band takes a much more gentle approach to their music with tracks like “Go On”. This song comes as the finale to the album of the same name, released this July, and marks the first full-album release that soloist Tim Crabtree has come out with.

PaperBeatsScissorsYou can almost see the seasons change with how gentle and swaying this track is, picking up in volume and slight vocal intensity in certain parts, but never breaking the sleepy identity this music takes on. Crabtree’s voice is certainly as haunting as they say, having that charming British accent sprinkling throughout. It’s fine contemporary and has a powerful message, according to Crabtree: “[‘Go On’] is about giving yourself some leeway. Trying to stop beating yourself up about stuff that’s long gone that you have no power to change.”

Paper Beat Scissors is another gem from Forward Music Group, who have driven the start-up careers of many indie bands. To support them and their work, visit their website and Bandcamp page. Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @paperbeat.

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