NXNE 2015 :: Pang Attack

PangAttack-2Pang Attack, another Montreal-based band, graced the Yonge-Dundas Square stage on Saturday, and proved that ambient rock isn’t boring.

The four-piece band – guitar, bass, keys and drums – blended that smokey synthetic sound with more traditional rock influences in a determined effort to show they’re not afraid to experiment.

And that experimentation certainly paid off.

Screaming guitars and a demand-to-be-noticed bass form the muscle of this animal, while hard-hitting drums provide the spine and zingy, synthey keys give this band its bite. The vocals, meanwhile, are a bit softer than you’d expect but, somewhat surprisingly, they work.

PangAttack-3Those vocals also easily slide into deep and throaty for some songs, before taking on a gurgling, futuristic, wavering sound for others.

But the last song of Pang Attack’s set really took it away. Every member of the group was going nuts. It was an amazing punch of sound, between the wandering keys, the hard, throbbing bass, the wild guitar and the speeding, speeding drums. The track – the title of which I didn’t catch – sped up in all the right places, slowed to a near standstill toward the end before picking up the fury and letting it loose – and boy did we love it!

For more on Pang Attack, visit www.pangattack.com.

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