NXNE 2015 :: Most People

MostPeople-3I love it when bands put effort into what they wear on stage, and between Most People’s Hawaiian shirts and matching fluorescent hair clips, I’m already excited for the band to start their set at Yonge-Dundas Square.

Musically, the threesome is a perfect combination of rock, surf and psych, as made possible by the various synths and pedals they use. And, while I would usually be less than enthused about so many untraditional instruments, they make it work so so well for them that I found myself embracing their sound. Not to mention the group’s percussive prowess, which kept their set interesting and exciting at all times.

Rife with instrumental breaks, their interludes are fun and not at all drawn out. It’s clear that they’re having a blast on stage, taking it all in – and passing that energy on to the audience.

Most People frequently bantered with the audience, and their showmanship was something to talk about: they clearly rehearsed elements of tier set, turning their backs to the audience then spinning around in unison.

MostPeople-4They slow it down and speed it up in all the right places, and while the vocals can get a little too distorted, nothing else was too one way or the other. In all, the band posed a perfect balance – then tilted that equilibrium perfectly off balance.

Find more Most People at mostpeopleband.bandcamp.com.

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