NXNE 2015 :: Mise en Scene

MiseEnScene-4Winnipeg threesome Mise en Scene pleasantly surprised everyone at Yonge-Dundas Square on Saturday for one of two reasons: if you’d never heard of the band before, you had your damn pants wowed off; or, if like me you had heard of the band, you had your damn pants wowed off – again.

Like a fine wine, Mise en Scene has gotten better with age, and they proved it on stage. One of the only bands to actually, you know, move around on stage, they absolutely invigorated the audience with their spectacular blend of rock-n-roll, drummed over pop tendencies. Their music is hard-hitting and soft and melodic and radio-ready and tough – all at once.

The trio treated the audience to music from their last release, Desire’s Despair, as well as some new favourites, that also featured trembling bass lines, steadily pumping drums, wild guitars, and vocals that both ground and enliven every song.

The audience responded particularly well to ‘Sweet William’, a track that all but stops for a tantalizing interlude before diving head first into an all-out musical frenzy.

MiseEnScene-5They had practice, of course, having played NXNE sister-fest SXSW earlier this year, so their next performance (none are scheduled yet) is going to be spectacular.

That means the next time Mise en Scene comes to Toronto (or wherever you are), you had better be in the crowd, or your ears will never forgive you.

For more on Mise en Scene, visit www.miseenscenemusic.com.

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