NXNE 2015 :: Manitoba Music at the Rivoli

Indicator Indicator

Indicator Indicator

For me, North by Northeast ended with Manitoba.

That is, on the last day of the fest, I took in Manitoba Music’s showcase at the Rivoli. Manitoba Music is a community-based non-profit that supports and promotes local musicians – and they do a fantastic job.

Having spent my afternoon taking in the festivities at Yonge-Dundas Square, I arrived at the showcase late. Still, I caught most of Indicator Indicator’s high energy set. The band is sign to Pipe & Hat, one of the best indie labels in Canada, IMHO.

On stage, the foursome added a rocking edge to their pop/indie rock blend. As their profiles explain, the band uses a wonderful mix of real and not-real instruments. The vocals are softer than you’d expect, but they work well with the uppity synths and the depth-heavy bass.

Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox

Next up was Taylor Knox, who was joined on stage by a bassist and drummer to round out his sound. Knox on guitar though, really stole the show. His solos were quick and wild, while the rest of the band worked to support their frontman.

Like his on-stage predecessors, Knox has an easy-to-listen-to kind of vocal style, but it still has a hardness to it that really compliments the music.

Sc Mira, another act sign to Pipe & Hat followed Knox and really stole the night. The fivesome were pros on stage, jumping around and playing off each other.

Musically, they’re a bit heavier than the acts before them, but the lead singer has this twee baby-doll style that keeps their sound from taking itself too seriously. Hard-hitting drums, a deep, throbbing bass, vast keys and full, streamy guitars really rounded out their gritty sound.

Sc Mira

Sc Mira

At this point, unfortunately, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore (because apparently I’m a senior citizen) and I ended my night and my NXNE. But I’d like to give a special mention to The Revival who took the stage at the Rivoli at 1 am. I saw the band during Canadian Music Week many moons ago, and they blew me away. And, based on their new music and the Instagram photos I’ve seen, they blew away the Saturday night crowd at the Rivoli, too.

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