November 3, 1964

On this day in 1964, Mayor Ralph Locker of Cleveland, OH, banned The Rolling Stones from playing the city ever again.

During the band’s concert at Cleveland Public Hall, a 17-year old girl fell from the balcony. She was taken to the Hospital, where she was treated for bruises.  Mayor Locker was quoted as saying, “Such groups do not add to the community’s culture or entertainment,” he said. “These groups still will be able to appear here at private halls but we do not feel we should invite this problem by making public facilities available.”

The Stones were in the middle of their second tour of the U.S., promoting their second stateside release, 12 X 5. The ban, which was extended to all rock concerts except for existing commitments, didn’t last long.

They returned to play the Cleveland Arena in June 1966.



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