New video, new sound for The Noble Thiefs

The Noble Thiefs’ new video opens with blasts of a psychedelic kaleidoscope to match the distant punches of a bass drum, making it clear: the Thiefs are back and they’re better than ever.

The track – ‘How Can You Think Of Love (At A Time Like This)?’ – is the first singe off the band’s soon-to-be-released first studio album, It’s Tough To Be The Bad Guy. It immediately calls to mind the likes of Jimi Hendrix, with its screeching guitars and its throbbing bass – not to mention the vocals which are uncannily similar to Hendrix’s.

NobleThiefsThe video itself also features images of the band superimposed onto the trippy shapes and paint splatter. While it doesn’t change it up from start to finish – what you see at the first second is what you’re getting – the song just pairs so well that you don’t mind staring it miscellaneous shapes and colours for three and a half minutes.

The song and the video represent the Thiefs at their very finest. But it also ushers the band into a moderately new direction. Where Beyond the 11th Deck, their last full-length release, in December 2011, had a decidedly ’50s motown vibe to it, this song – and hopefully what’s to come – is much more implanted in a ’70s-style rock n roll – excited electric guitars and all.

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