Need a musical pick-me-up? Watch the latest from Matt and Kim

So Brooklyn-based indie duo Matt and Kim released the video for their new track ‘Hey Now’, and it is two minutes and forty-eight seconds of pure fun. I’ve watched it far more times today than I want to admit, but I have no regrets whatsoever.

The video itself is simple: against the backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge, vocalist Matt Johnson sits on a stool for the first half of this brassy pop tune, unable to keep still from the very beginning. While he bounces around enthusiastically, the pair’s drummer, Kim Schifino is on her feet dancing, and my god does she dance. Keeping up with the track’s incredible pep until she switches places with Johnson, the two eventually join one another on the improvised dance floor and finish with an adorable jive.

MattKim-2I could go on about how much I love the crazy amount of energy contained in such a simple video, but that would take time that you could have spent watching it. For a song with the lyrics, “If you died / I’d die right by your side”, ‘Hey Now’ has an awful lot of life.

Check out Matt and Kim’s album New Glow when it hits stores on April 7. Until then, visit them online at:

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