Mpathy makes his return

MpathyFor Mpathy’s singer/songwriter Mikael Mpathy, the combination of science and music are, to him, inseparable and logical. As a scientist, Mpathy creates music using the same process as for scientific experiments. Flooded with ideas when it comes to science and music, Mpathy uses these ideas to categorize, organize and determine the specific sounds, lyrics and rhythms that he plans to manifest for his songs. Using the technique that he applies to his scientific experiments inspires him to logically assemble the flood of ideas he has for music.

As Mpathy states in respect to science and music: “These two are not adversarial; one could not exist without the other. They are forever linked by the passion to create, to design and to discover.”

Originally from Cambridge, Mass., Mpathy most recently brought Boston a concoction of indie pop, shoegaze, new wave and electro-pop that is infused with dark sounds, meaningful words and perfected into his finished product. But as teenager, Mpathy used exploration, frustration, revision and influx of ideas for the creation of music, as a way to overcome his introverted nature. While his music gained recognition, his introverted nature remained unaffected. As a result, his music is multi-faceted, dark and catchy. Each song from his album has its own specific meaning and rhythm.

Mpathy-GoldenBoyAt the beginning of his musical career, his first album’s release resulted in the sale of a couple thousand copies; he signed with a label and began his tour around the world. In the midst of his songwriting, composing and performing, he introduced a new style to the music that wasn’t happily accepted by the record label. Mpathy, at that point, withdrew and retrieved from music altogether.

Mpathy’s return to music was due to his joining the band Pleasant Sweater, where he reclaimed his love for music and found inspiration for a new album. He created a solo EP Impossible Space that united various notes, themes and rhythms that emerged in his song ‘The Golden Boy’, which was released on May 25.

The music that Mpathy created can be compared to the likes of Depeche Mode, Beck, Robyn and The Cure.

Mpathy is backed by Kim Holt (lead and background voxand violin), Robert Beal (guitar and bass) and Jarrett (drums).

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