Mleo takes dreamy and ethereal to the Sunken City


Mleo’s dreamy and ethereal sound is mesmerizingly alluring and almost addictive. This Los Angeles band’s uniqueness has come to the forefront with the release of their album Sunken City, and especially with their recently released single “Ridiculous”.

Mleo-2Audrey Reed (vocals), Victor San Pedro (guitar), Nick De La O (bass) and Elias Vasquez (drums), who make up Mleo, continue to enchant audiences with their touching music. The album combines a slew of musical genres that include pop rock, hard rock, alternative rock, with a hint of R&B.

Determined to convey their message through music, Mleo captivates listeners by integrating elements of life perspectives, creating songs with minimal boundaries to amuse audiences via profound lyrics and rhythmic eruption. The band manages to use musical themes and lyrics to remember the past, while maintaining mainstream elements of music that produce and incorporate fresh aspects and circumstances of today’s world and today’s music scene.

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