Metz is a punk band? Metz is a punk band


The best sounds can come from the oddest of places…

Hailing from the diverse music mecca of Toronto, Metz would have you believe that they are a band in a class of their own. The three-piece band claim to be punk, if only because that is the only genre all three of them could agree on. But it is not hard to see why they feel this way: hard-hitting, aggressive and quick are just some of the adjectives that could be used to describe this sound. Others have commented on the fact that they take the best of grunge and just speed up the tempo. But Metz is not your average punk band; the instruments are played to perfection, every note has a purpose – that purpose being generally to kick you right in the gut.

Metz-1On their self-titled debut album, Metz came out swinging, proving that you do not need to have a different sound throughout the album. Having a pre-set formula and sticking to it song after song can be just as exciting. With most pieces coming in at three and half minutes or shorter, and with a sound of pure aggression, Metz created an album that will make you want mosh in your living room.

Their new effort, II, brings out this same formula with minor tweaks. Mostly being that you can tell the band has perfected their sound while on tour. The album does not show growth in the sense that they have brought something new to the table. More so, the band has found their niche and are sticking with it. A few dials have been turned – the drums punch harder, almost as if the drummer is trying to bring down the house with every note. The vocals are more guttural and urgent, with a pace and a ferocity very few can match. Bands always claim that they are authentic and original, but very few actually live up to this ideal. Metz stand out as a band that proves hard work is not enough. You need to truly be talented and just simply want it more than everyone else.

Whether you want to call this punk, noise, art-rock… In the end it really does not matter. This album brings the pain, suffering and raw rock that sometimes only a three-piece punk band can.

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