Ménage hits the scene with ‘Black and White TV’

Ménage treats their fans to a new track, titled ‘Black and White TV’. The three Toronto-based siblings were influenced by a mix of Beatles tracks and traditional Portuguese music (to where they travelled often in their childhood) when they worked on their latest track.

They’re already gaining ground: a song of theirs was featured on Degrassi and ‘Our Time Is Now’ won the Best Rock Song Of The Year at the 2014 International Portuguese Music Awards.

Menage‘Black and White TV’ sounds oddly Venetian in certain parts, making an eerie prelude to dramatic lyrics and alternating rhythms. The instruments are pretty basic in the way they’re performed, the vocals sound like they’re trying a bit too hard – you know, they over-emphasize each note almost like it’s a Mariah Carey song.

But the uniqueness of the tune is what’s carrying this song. The track is pretty good – one listen and it’s stuck in your head. A few more times, and you really get a feel for the theme of it.

Be sure to check out the rest of Ménage’s music on the band’s site.

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