Meet your TIMA nominees :: Lauren Haze

LaurenHazeName: Lauren Haze

Nominated for: Best Pop

Location: Toronto, ON


What was the first thing that came to mind when you learned you were nominated? The first thing that came to mind was:  “No Way…” I could hear my heart beating and I literally had to tell myself to calm down! I just really couldn’t believe it. It’s such an incredible feeling to have some validation after working so hard for this. As indie artists we really don’t have the same kind of exposure and money behind us that artists signed to major or even indie labels would. Definitely one of the most exciting moments of my musical journey!

What will you do if you win? If I win, first I would probably freak out.. Second, I would just be so thankful and appreciative of not only the award itself but all of the amazing things offered along side the award to benefit our careers as indie artists. I would use every cent and every ounce of advice and mentorship to better my career. This is not just my passion, this IS my life.

Why should you win? Honestly, I can’t really say why I deserve to win over any of my competitors. We are all incredibly hard working, passionate artists trying to make a living doing what we love! I do know that this award would be an extremely important stepping stone towards the next level of my career and would mean the absolute world to me. After working on my music for such a long time, winning this award would be the stamp of approval that I’ve been yearning for!

If you weren’t nominated, who would you be rooting for? If I was not nominated…. I would have to root for JoJo Worthington! I just love her song Amadeus it’s on repeat on my iPod all the time! Her voice is so cool.

Other Comments? THANK YOU TIMA’s for this amazing honour!!!!!

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