Meet your TIMA nominees :: GAMMAGE

GammageName: GAMMAGE

Nominated for: Best Alternative or Indie

Members (if applicable):
Ilana Korn – Guitar and Vocals
Gail Roberts – Guitar and Vocals
Kate Roberts – Drums and Vocals
Chloe Watkinson – Bass Guitar and Vocals

Location: Toronto


What was the first thing that came to mind when you learned you were nominated? “AWESOME!”  (I got a call over the weekend, as the email had slipped into my junk mail for some reason, so I was a bit skeptical when I saw a number from California calling me, and then when the organizer on the other end said we were an official TIMA nominee I was so happy and just couldn’t wait to tell the other girls, and Gail and I’s dad, Son Roberts who won a TIMA in 2013 for Best Blues Song)

What will you do if you win? After jumping up and down, screaming, giggling and hugging each other for a few hours, we’ll get down to business – the mixing sponsored by The Grove would be a great help to us, we’ve been taking a break from gigging to write more music and we already have another album’s worth of songs, and then some, ready to record.

Why should you win?  Taking a quick peek at the list of our fellow nominees, we appear to be the only all female outfit – and as women who started playing music because of the influence of other awesome women in this industry, we want to do the same for the generation of GRRRLs after us. This award would also be a great help in getting our name out there to the larger Toronto/Canadian music scene – the nomination alone is a big help to our street cred.

If you weren’t nominated, who would you be rooting for?   My (Kate R.) personal pick would be “Coyote Kids”, because I’ve heard them a couple times and dig their sound.  However I’d like to throw my support behind another female fronted or all female band, but it looks like there may be just one other gal in our category – the bassist of “A Primitive Evolution”.

Other comments? Meow. Fart. Giggle. Weeeee!  But seriously folks, we’re really happy to be nominated and super excited for the show next week.

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