Meet your TIMA nominees :: FEATURETTE


Nominated for: Best Pop

Members (if applicable): Lexie Jay (Vocals/Synths), Jon Fedorsen (Drums/Pads)

Location: Toronto


What was the first thing that came to mind when you learned you were nominated? It was a pretty unbelievable moment – we didn’t really know what to think! I suppose the first thing that came to mind was a resounding ‘holy shit’.

What will you do if you win? Party, jump, happy dance, shots. Hopefully in that order!

Why should you win? We think we fit the brief pretty well. We’re totally indie and 100% Torontonian and although we’ve only been playing live for under a year, we’ve come pretty far. Some of the highlights for us have been CMW, NXNE, Big Music Fest, S/O to the Burlington Sound of Music Fest, sick shows at the Drake with Role Model & Wilde, opening for Hayley Kiyoko, Motel Raphael, and more recently Toronto’s Indie Week, not to mention being streamed and reviewed by Exclaim and Bullett and a bunch of other cool pieces. We couldn’t be happier with our progress we’ve made, and we’ve got no end in sight – we want to go hard and see where this crazy ride takes us.

If you weren’t nominated, who would you be rooting for? Probably Honey Beard. Weird name, weird tunes, we like weird 🙂 It’s where the future’s at! In another category? Best in Jazz: Eliza Pope. Lovely girl and WICKED voice!!

Other comments? Fuck yeah TIMAs! We’ll see you there <3

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