Meet your TIMA nominees :: Eliza Pope

ElizaPopeName: Eliza Pope

Nominated for: Best Jazz Vocal

Location: Toronto


What was the first thing that came to mind when you learned you were nominated? To be honest, I was quite surprised. I’m very new to this whole music scene, so everything still catches me off guard and is very exciting. But for me, being nominated is a huge honour, and I’m very grateful and proud that the judges saw something in my music- that’s all that I can ask for!

What will you do if you win? If I win, I will probably give my parents and friends a huge hug, and then use this as motivation to keep writing and making music. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to prioritize music, especially being a full-time University student. But winning this award would definitely be that motivation to not let my passion for music ever take the back burner.

Why should you win? This question is hard to answer, especially with such talented co-nominees, but I think that my music brings something a little different to the table. Jazz in and of itself is a very diverse genre, but my personal spin on it is something that comes from a whole fusion of genres, which makes it fairly unique to me. Not to mention that winning this award would mean so much to me, especially being someone who is just trying to get their music career off the ground.

If you weren’t nominated, who would you be rooting for? I really can’t choose… I’m big fans of all of the other nominees, and I have to say I’m all the more honoured to be recognized amongst them. I can say with full confidence that win or no win for me, the vocal jazz category is superbly represented here in Toronto.

Other comments? Thanks to TIMA for giving me a shot!

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