Meet your TIMA nominees :: Crisis Ctrl Club

CrisisCtrlClubName: Crisis Ctrl Club

Nominated for: Best Alternative or Indie

Jason Hoeg (Vocals, Guitar, Keys)
Jai (Bass, Back Up Vocals, Synth)
Tyler-James Skakun (Drums, Pads)

Location: Toronto, Ontario


What was the first thing that came to mind when you learned you were nominated?
Jason: It’s a great feeling to know that we are on the right track, and that our sound is getting noticed… This could be a big step for our future.
Jai: Honestly? Immediate disbelief… But then a mad dash to plot an elaborate plan worthy of the Italian job when we realized we had a show already booked that night. Fortunately for us things worked themselves out, they always do.
Tyler-James: Pure excitement! I’ve never been apart or even nominated at an award show in the past. As a band, we always get so close but can never close the deal. Hopefully this will end differently!

What will you do if you win?
Jason: Celebrate! And debate on who gets ownership of the award.
Jai: Celebrate! …and then drug the rest of the boys and nab that award for myself.
Tyler-James: Let’s just say you can find us at the bar afterwards!

Why should you win?
Jason: We offer a unique radio friendly sound that hasn’t been overplayed.
Jai: I think all the bands deserve to win, it’s an honour to even just be nominated, but in the end sadly…there can be only one.
Tyler-James: I totally agree with the other guys here. Also, It’s hard being an independent artist with all the expenses in life plus the expenses of being an independent band. Everyone is just as qualified to win. However, there can only be one.

If you weren’t nominated, who would you be rooting for?
Jai: I actually really enjoy the Coyote Kids sound. What can I say? I’m a sucker for that dancey bass driven indie rock sound.
Tyler-James: Yeah the Coyote Kids are pretty dope! Being the drummer, I really enjoy the rhythm section of that band. Outside of our category though, i’d like to see Featurette win. We shared the stage with them at Big Music Fest in Kitchener and they had a pretty wicked setup and sound.

Other comments?
Tyler-James: Just want to say we are very excited to be nominated for the Toronto Independent Music Awards and can’t wait for the show!
Jason: We just recently released a music video for our song “Crime” and you can check it out here!
Jai: Go jays go!

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